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  1. Small-scale hydrodynamics in lakes | DORA Eawag
  2. Modelling Hydrodynamics and Water Quality of Pit Lakes
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Small-scale hydrodynamics in lakes | DORA Eawag

Their joint effect greatly determines how water quality and the lake ecosystem evolves. Large-scale circulations are responsible for the lakewide displacement of suspended materials or biogeochemical tracers and planktons. Turbulence induced by the motion of waves stirs up the bed sediments in shallower regions and contributes to vertical mixing. Wind inclines the lake surface, which can cause considerable water level changes at certain sections of the shoreline. Exchange of water mass due to water surface fluctuations is an oscillatory flow, and, combined with the water surface motion, is known as seiche.

Modelling Hydrodynamics and Water Quality of Pit Lakes

Animation 1 Seiche motion during Kyrill storm January Along with seiche, wind induces currents with typically smaller temporal and spatial scales that are responsible for transporting nutrients, biomass and other matter from their sources Fig 1 and 2. Owing to the wide variety of scales most of the water volume can provide a habitat for various organisms.

1st Edition

A well-known component of the water surface motion are the wind-generated waves. These surface waves have much shorter periods than the seiche, typically only a few seconds in our lakes, but their height can exceed even one meter. From a hydrodynamic point of view our lakes are shallow because the effect of surface waves can easily reach the bottom and thus they can stir up the usually nutrient-rich sediment which is then transported by the currents.

Practical information

The Prescription Library will serve as the basis for regional continuing education offerings for natural resource professionals throughout Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario, and Wisconsin. Eastern spruce-fir forest ecosystems are among the most vulnerable to climate change within the continuous US.

The goal of this project was to develop tools to identify refugia sites most likely to support spruce-fir forest and its associated high-priority obligate spruce-fir bird species over the long-term under projected climate change scenarios. This project is using a combination of long-term data records and recently established large-scale adaptive management studies in managed forests across the Lake States, New England, Intermountain West, and Black Hills to identify forest management strategies and forest conditions that confer the greatest levels of resistance and resilience to past and emerging stressors and their relevance in addressing future global change.

1st Edition

The number of fish collected in routine monitoring surveys often varies from year to year, from lake to lake, and from location to location within a lake. Although some variability in fish catches is expected across factors such as location and season, we know less about how large-scale disturbances like climate change will influence population variability.

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  6. The Laurentian Great Lakes in North America are the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world, and they have experienced major changes due to fluctuations in pollution and nutrient loadings, exploitation of natural resources, intr.