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  4. Playing Chess by Yourself: How It Benefits Your Brain

Scientists have found that playing chess can:. Playing chess is a great way to keep your mind sharp and improve your problem solving and pattern recognition skills over time.


learning - Is it beneficial to play chess against yourself? - Chess Stack Exchange

How can you play this two-player game by yourself? Here are the steps involved:. You might be surprised at the outcome! I love the idea of playing chess more often. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

How to Play Chess with Yourself

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More books by William Hartson

Learn more about how to introduce chess to your child. Our lessons will take you through each and every piece, explaining each one, and its unique moves on the gameboard. Acquaint yourself with the types of draws, and as you learn, reinforce each new piece of information with your child. Begin playing by practicing different types of games, like pawn-only games.

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  • Practice adding pieces to your games, one piece at a time to practice moving certain types of pieces before moving on to play a full game of chess! Once you and your child have played a few rounds of piece-specific games and have progressed to playing with all the pieces, make the game even more fun by learning about different strategies to use to capture pieces and win the game!

    Our chess curriculum will cover strategies like the fork, pin, skewer, discovery, and undermining. Each strategy will give you and your child a new way to trap your opponent and gain an advantage during gameplay. Log in to Kids Academy.

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    Playing Chess by Yourself: How It Benefits Your Brain

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